KORA Organics- Encouraged me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

DSCF0164 Just wanted to share with you all a skincare product which has changed my life for the better. You’re probably thinking..’How does a skincare range change someones life? (Maybe not those exact words but you know what I mean haha!)It started off with me meeting Miranda Kerr back in 2011 (I have also met her for the second time just recently but I’ll keep that one for another post :P) and she was in Melbourne David Jones to promote her product, KORA Organics as well as her book ‘Treasure Yourself’. At the time I didn’t know much about the product or the amazing ingredients it contained but since listening to what Miranda Kerr had to say, I said to myself why not try it out!

Around the time that I met her, my beautiful and caring mother passed away due to Breast Cancer. It was a difficult time and still is difficult now. Thank god for my supportive family and friends who helped me through it. I also tried to keep a normal routine but I did have my down days too.

The book I mentioned above, ‘Treasure Yourself’, was such an inspirational, heartwarming book in which Miranda shared her own experiences in the modelling industry and personal issues she dealt with. Reading this really helped me deal with grief as she provides an outlook that people will always be there for support and to take it a day at a time. She also provides a whole range of affirmations at the back of the book which was lovely, especially on the days when I’m feeling upset about my mother.

So what does this have to do with KORA?

Well Kora organics really helped me open my eyes to the importance of nurturing the body and since my mum died of cancer, I needed to be grateful of how healthy I am and how important it is to look after yourself. Every single day I say…’Wow, look at me..I am healthy, I am strong and need to continue to treasure my body and my mind’. (The affirmations in Treasure Yourself is great for a positive booster!)

I love how KORA is made with pure organic products and contains the key ingredient Noni Juice (Miranda drinks this every single day!) which provides lots of vitamins and nutrients for the skin. Each of the product bottles contains inspiring words such as ‘Happiness, wisdom, love..’ which I think is great because I feel amazing everytime I use the products!

I have oily/combination skin so I use the foaming cleanser, energising citrus mist and the purifying day/night cream πŸ™‚ This is a routine I follow every single morning as well as using their other products such as the exfoliation every 3 days to buff away dead skin, clay mask once a week for a deep clean into the pores, tinted moisteriser for a healthier alternative to foundation and the Rosehip oil and body lotion after showering.Β My skin honestly has never looked better. Its clear, soft and glowing! I love how my skin looks and feels and my skin always looks so amazing in photoshoots πŸ™‚

So there you have it! My number 1 skincare range which I love and use everyday! I feel healthier, both body and mind, and hope to continue this way for a very long time. I wish mum was here to see how I am today but as Miranda Kerr said to me last time I met her (8/2/13) ‘My mother will always be in my heart and watching over me’ ❀

If you want to know more about Kora, visit koraorganics.com and read the blog too!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day! Keep your eyes peeled for when I upload personally signed autographs from Miranda as well as a photo of me and her in future posts. (Sorry I didnt get into too much detail about everything, wanted to get to the point and keep it simple)

Lots of love,

Rania May ❀


2 thoughts on “KORA Organics- Encouraged me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

  1. So glad KORA had such a positive impact on you. I’m a rather big Miranda Kerr fan I like that she loves health and always looks amazing. I got into KORA for awhile, though it isn’t the skincare for me it helped me realise the importance of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise as a routine, also to pay attention to ingredients. So lucky you got to meet her :).

    • naww thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! Really means a lot! Yeah Kora has helped me in a lot of ways and I am very blessed to of met Miranda twice. She is so lovely πŸ™‚ Like what you said, even though it wasn’t for you, its good that you have a routine going! Hope you have a lovely day πŸ™‚ x

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