A little bit about my style :)

Hi there! 🙂

Thought I’d share an overview of what I define as my own individual style which speaks a lot about me as a person and a lot about my lifestyle.

My personal style is very simple, elegant and chic. I believe simplicity goes a long way and with the right fitting jeans, cute jacket, a great handbag and lots of confidence you can make any outfit work! I’m a very busy and organised person, so wearing something simple yet still dressy such as a nice top or a stunning jacket over a cute dress, is what I need as its easy to wear, comfortable for the entire day but still screams out that I have fun with fashion and look presentable.

In terms of simplicity, I might wear a simple coloured and well fitted dress then use minimal accessories, a great bag and killer shoes! I always make sure my hair and make up is looking fresh and never overdone so I radiate more of a natural glow 🙂 In more casual terms, I would usually wear well fitted jeans/dresses (my favourite is Bettina Liano Denim jeans, they are comfortable and fit so well with our womanly curves!), a plain, clean t-shirt (Witchery have some great casual t-shirts!), a bag with eye-catching colour and a great pair of comfortable flats/sandals or even a shoe with a bit of a wedged heel.

In saying this it doesn’t mean I don’t like to play with fashion a bit more 😛 I’m starting to get into really bright colours as they go well with my complexion and I always receive lots of compliments when people see me in a bright coloured dress or top! Colours that suit you well gives you a huge confidence booster as the right colour will make your skin glow and look great with your body shape!

The most obvious thing I like to do is make sure my clothes fit me well and that they are comfortable. We might occasionally have a top a bit too tight, pants that don’t fit at all the right places and shoes that give us blisters yet we struggle to part with them because we either love the brand, like the look of them or just in general find it hard to let go of clothes! Clothes that fit you well and feel comfortable to wear is what makes them look good and it will always make you feel good! So comfort is a high priority of mine when it comes to fashion!

My essentials/favourites you will find in my wardrobe:

  • Lots and lots of blazers!
  • Bags of pretty much every colour and size
  • My Bettina Liano jeans
  • Comfy flats and lots of Wedges (I do have a few killer heels but can be very impractical at times as they called ‘Killer’ heels for a reason!)
  • lots of basic tops, tights (great to wear under a dress for winter) and leggings. Always fun to dress them up and accessorize
  • Lots of short flowy dresses

What I hope to buy in the new season!

  • Cropped pants
  • A new baggy knitted jumper (I can pair this with leggings and a pair of heeled boots)
  • Another handbag…yes I am quite obsessed!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my upcoming post about My Beauty Essentials.



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