Beauty tip #2!

Here is my second beauty tip for you all!

Always and I mean, ALWAYS remove your make up before going to sleep!

Make up products, especially really cheap products creates dirt and blocks the pores. At night is when our body heals and repairs itself, so it is vital that the skin should be fresh, clean and free of any product so the skin is less likely to break out due to blocked pores or oily skin.

I do have to admit that when it was a few years back when I went out to parties/clubbing, I had sometimes forgotten to take my make up off when staying at a friend’s place or couldn’t be bothered removing it when coming home late at night. The next day when I woke up, my skin felt disgusting and guess what? I started getting lumps and bumps all over my face!

Since completing my modelling course and being a freelance model, I have really learnt to really look after my skin and I have even gotten to the point where I don’t even wear make up anymore! I only wear make up for photoshoots and when going out! On a daily basis for just say, uni and work, I pop on a bit of tinted moisturizer to give me a bit of coverage but still allow my skin to breathe and before bed I always make sure to cleanse my skin and moisturizer to keep it looking healthy and fresh!

That’s my tip for the week guys! Remember to keep any eye out every week for  new and interesting beauty tips from me which I personally live by!

Rania May


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