Excited about my fashion drawing shortcourse!!

Holidays are slowly creeping up (wish they could come along faster! Need the break!) and I thought to myself that I should do something fun and productive over the uni holiday break to get away from my never-ending stress of my psych degree!

As I was flicking through various short courses in fashion, fashion drawing was the course that stood out for me most amongst the other courses, so I thought, ‘Why not take the opportunity and do something that can benefit me more in the fashion industry!’.

This fashion short course is aimed for beginners so this is perfect for me as my drawing of garments are shocking and I definitely need to pick up again on how to draw sketches of models with correct proportions and learn how to draw detailed garments.

So during my time of my short drawing course which starts next month, I’ll give you guys a rundown of each of my classes to get an idea of what fashion drawing involves and all the fun things I have learnt and even provide you all with some sketches I have done (if they are good enough haha).

Can’t wait to share with you all this amazing experience which will help me sketch down all fashion ideas I have in mind but couldn’t get down on paper.


Rania May


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