Day 1- Fashion drawing

Sorry guys for taking this long with this post! I had an exam on Wednesday for one of my units in my psychological degree and I was super stressed trying to study for that, but here it is! My first post on my first day of this exciting course!

Ok to start off, this course is located pretty much in the heart of Melbourne and it was a nice fresh morning as I was heading my way excitedly to class. In the class there are only us 5 girls and I reckon the less the better! Get to interact with each other and the teacher more which is great!

We introduced each other in the class about our intentions after graduating from this course and how we are involved in the fashion industry. It was really great listening to everyone’s goals for working in the fashion industry!

The drawing then begun! We were required to learn how to draw the human body. However not just any human body, but a fashion garment model body. I learnt that day that there is quite a difference between real life drawing and fashion model drawing. Fashion garment models are drawn with super tall slim legs, a teenie tiny waist, long neck and thin graceful aims, so pretty much the models we see strutting down the runway. The purpose in drawing models like this is to elongate the human body for the garment to sit and flow on the body. It’s hard to explain, but it is best seeing garments on long, tall bodies in order to really show off the clothes.

Below I have attached a photo of my attempt to draw a fashion model. It was a lot of fun and we were given certain skills and tricks to draw a model in the correct proportion like the one in the photo. Took me so long to do haha but very proud of what I drew for the first time.


Hope you like it what I drew! I’ll be sharing weekly experiences of my fashion drawing classes to give you all an insight in this world and hopefully influence you to do a fun short course like myself!

Rania May

Comment your opinions on what I learnt on my first day of drawing x


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