Day 2-Fashion Drawing

This week in class we focused on observational drawing as well as black and white tonal shading using a grid method. For our homework before this class we were required to find any black and white fashion photography in magazines and this homework was particularly fun for me as I got to flick through my favourite fashion magazines without the guilt of not doing homework for my psych degree and yes…homework for my drawing class was therapeutic for me compared to my stressful workload for psychology!

To start off, we had to divide our actual picture from a magazine into grids (3X3cm squares) and also divided our page in our visual diary into squares. We then began to slowly sketch an outline of our picture, closely following the proportions of the actual picture to our visual diaries. Once the outline was complete, we began to shade in our picture according to the lighting of the garment, the models complection and background. Very hard to explain in text but we used a special type of pencil strokes to shade in our picture.

This was my final result. Hope you guys like it!


Look out for next weeks post on Day 3.

Rania May


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