My outfit for a charity ball!

Would like to share with you some snaps of an outfit I wore last night to my friends 21st birthday which was also a charity ball to raise money for Variety Australia.


The top left photo is the back of my dress with a cut-out design and a gold zip and this dress was bought from Forever New. This dress was also fall length and had slits down both sides.

My shoes were from Novo and they had a slight heel so I could have a bit of height as well as not being too uncomfortable in massive heels.

Next photo you will see is the black and gold clutch from Colette. So gorgeous and very roomy for all my essential things.

Then lastly you see an image of my belt which accompanied my long black dress.

As you can see here, I had a gold and black theme going on with my outfit and I am so obsessed with wearing these two colours…as you probably know already from my post a few months ago about those shoes I bought 😛

Hope you liked my chosen outfit for last night! Thoughts?? Send your comments my way ❤


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