Day 3 Fashion Drawing :)

Day 3 of my fashion drawing class was a whole lot of fun and I finally got to learn about the different types of textiles which is very useful for a fashion lover like me!

To start the class, there were heaps and heaps of sample fabrics spread over the table and our Fashion drawing teacher gave us a run down on the different types of textiles. Did you know there are two main groups that textiles fall under? They are Woven and Knitwear. These can be further categorised by their composition such as the fibre. It may be natural or man-made. Learnt lots during this class and now I like to observe my clothing to see what they are made from!

In the next part of the class we chose materials that were of interest to us and materials that had lots of patterns and colours! We were required to cut a 10×10 piece of material, stick it in our art folios and draw that pattern as carefully and closely as possible. First you draw an outline with greylead then use colours. I chose to use water paints and it was so much fun to use!! Going to go buy myself some water-colour paints/pencils now!

In the photo below is the final piece that I did in class 🙂


The bottom right of this photo also shows the business card of my fashion drawing teachers fashion brand. View her fb here to see all of her gorgeous designs and garments.

Rania May


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