The importance of having a routine :)

Since joining the gym (3 months ago), I have this new-found appreciation for having a healthy exercise routine! Before joining a gym, I found that I was very inconsistent with my exercise such as going for walks about 3 times a week to then going for long walks every second week, or I had amazing workout plans to do lunges, squats, sit ups then after the second week I slowly forgot this amazing plan to get fit! I found myself to be very lethargic, lacking in concentration and my diet was completely out of whack.

The point of me writing this post? Well I just wanted to share the idea of how important a well-balanced routine is and how much it has improved my health and even the outlook of my future! As I do freelance modelling, I thought to myself that it was important to feel and look good and therefore this will shine throughout my shoots. To be a model it is vital to have a healthy lifestyle as it is a career that focuses heavily on your looks and your ability to portray a healthy figure (however this may not be the case for some models and they appear to be way too thin!).

Since joining the gym I have been feeling great! My body is slowly starting to look more toned and lean, I am able to concentrate a whole lot better, I’m eating better, my skin looks great and feeling fit is one of the greatest feelings in the world! You feel like you can accomplish and take on anything!

So, what does my routine at the gym involved?

Just remember, this routine I’m about to speak of doesn’t only apply for working out at the gym..this can be done at the leisure of your own home.

Routine involves:

  • 20-30 minute of cardio. So this consists of 10-15 mins of cross trainer and 15-20 mins of the treadmill. occasionally I fit in Cycling but not a huge fan of that.
  • Weights: This includes working on my Abs, leg press and a bit on the arms too
  • Floor work: This consists of a whole range of things such as lunges with weights, step ups on blocks, push ups….this all depends on how much time I have and my energy levels for the day.
  • Warm down: This is vital, especially for my routine of strenuous work! I really want to increase my flexibility so I do lots of stretches to increase my flexibility and most importantly, I do planks as its great for the core muscles!

So that pretty much sums up my routine! If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a comment!

To end this post on an even more positive note, check out my gorgeous new Free Run Nike’s that I bought last week!


Rania May


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