Day 4 Fashion Drawing

I would have to say that this has been my favourite class so far in my short course. Why? This was the class where we got to make our very own fashion templates so we can draw garments on the models!

Our homework before this class required us to search through as many fashion magazines as we could to try to find models posing (without too much clothing affect the shape of the models body) to use as our templates. I found this homework super fun as I got to flick through my fashion bibles 🙂 I brought in lots of pictures of models posing but there was one that was my favourite so I used that! (you can see the picture in the image below).

Remember the model I drew in my first week of class? Well to draw our templates, we followed the proportions from what we learnt on day one and utilized everything we learnt from then to produce a well drawn high fashion model. The only difference was incorporating the movement and posing of the model from our chosen picture. The first drawn model is from the picture I chose to replicate as a template, the others were from the other girls in which we all traded our art books and traced over each others templates to display a whole range of models rather than having just one pose.


As you can see, these were the templates I produced from class and I have decided to create a mock A/W collection using my templates for a fun activity to do over my uni holidays. I feel like I’m a designer doing this hehe, if only I could sew really well though!

❤ Rania May

P.S. Sorry its very hard to see! Once I put in frames through instagram the quality of the photo decreased dramatically. I’ll see if I can improve it and hopefully re-upload into this post. Thanks for reading 🙂


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