Day 5 (final) of Fashion Drawing :)

Day 5, the final day of my fashion drawing short course, was so much fun! Pretty much everything we learnt over the 5 weeks was put to the challenge as our last class was about 3D drawing with a live model!

We were all pretty nervous but we were told that we have to draw the live model in fashion model proportions. We all thought we had to do a real life drawing of the model which had us nervous to the bones however over the weeks I practised lots on fashion model proportions so I was confident I will do ok for this class!

The live model had a total of 4 outfits and we had 20 minutes per outfit to draw the model as quickly as we could. We had to pay a lot of attention to the detailing of the clothes and we were also required to include colour in the clothing using colour pencils and markers.

I actually surprised myself with how quickly I could draw each outfit! It was a challenge but a lot of fun. The picture below is the final product of the 4 outfits I draw during my class.


The one of the far right was meant to be sort of on the side view but failed miserably hence why it looks really weird compared to the others πŸ˜›

Hope my viewers enjoyed my posts on my Fashion Drawing course! Did you learn about from my posts? Did you enjoy them? If so, send me a comment! Would love to hear your feedback πŸ™‚


Rania May

P.S. I also now have a new fb page! LIKE my page if you want daily fashion updates such as photos, videos and news.


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