My Red Romance Shoes!

How beautiful are they? When I got a phone call that my shoes were on its way, I just couldn’t contain my excitement!

Once I got my package, I pull out this black box and opened it to find a giant bow wrapped around some delicate paper and an envelope sealed with red candle wax. I opened the envelope to discover a letter addressed to me and a photo of my beautiful design. I unwrapped the giant bow and there were my beautiful shoes that I designed all by myself! I’m so happy that the judges liked my design so much they put it as a top 10 finalist! When I tried on the shoes, they also fit like a dream and super easy to walk in which is always a plus!!

Here is a photo of my Red Romance shoes!

my red romance heels I designed!

my red romance heels I designed!

Want to see my inspiration behind this gorgeous design which made it to the top 10? See it here on my pinterest board 🙂

Visit Shoes of Prey to design your perfect heels!

❤ Rania May


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