My experience at MSFW 2013!

Wow! What an amazing two days it has been celebrating fashion at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

First off, let me show you my outfit choice for thursday night Runway 3


What do you think? I noticed that bright colours and neon were in style this season (according to many fashionistas in the crowd and the runway show) and I was so glad I looked the part 😛 I paired this dress with these gorgeous white thick strapped shoes with a wooden sole and heel. The contrast with the white and orange looked amazing and I felt pretty amazing too 🙂

So before entering town hall for the main runway show, I explored the MSFW hub which was full of exciting stalls, freebies and an atmosphere worth experiencing! Got a few photos taken and got my nails done which put me in a buzzing and excited mood for the main runway show! Check out the photo below of inside the MSFW hub! Looks pretty amazing, ey?


Runway 3 consisted of the most talented and well-known Australian designers presenting collections which were eye-catching, exciting and inspirational. The designers I saw were as follows: Akira, ALEXI FREEMAN, Arthur Galan AG, Calibre, Christine, Megan Park, nevenka, Thurley and Yeojin Bae. My favourite collections of the night were Thurley and Yeojin Bae, so keep an eye out on a post where I talk about my favourite looks down the runway!


I also attended a free runway show and the brand’s collection I saw was Review which had the most incredible and gorgeous dresses! Lots of colour, polka dots and lace. I would seriously wear every single dress I saw down the runway 😛



So that’s all I have for now guys! Just wanted to share with you my experience during this exciting week. Did you attend any runway shows? If so, who was your favourite designer/collection? Send me a comment, would love to hear all about your own experiences too 🙂

Rania May


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