Woohoo! Made it to my first 100!

Jumping up with joy right now!

I have finally achieved my first 100 followers for my fashion blog! I know it’s not a lot but honestly every follower counts in my books and I am truly blessed that people from all over the world read my blog!

I have only had this blog for less than a year but I feel like I have had it a lot longer and wouldn’t know where I would be without having a fashion blog to share all my fashion insights and updates with you all.

I am coming to the end of the semester with uni so you can expect more regular blog posting from me!

Thanks again for being my loyal follower!

Here is an editorial shot taken from Vogue Japan (2009) representing my appreciation for my 100th follower. The body language shows it all and since you can’t see me this is what I would be doing (or something simliar lol) Yipeee!



4 thoughts on “Woohoo! Made it to my first 100!

  1. I just saw this post of yours :). I guess you are the one that should say “welcome to the club” to me :). And I was just about to tell you that and then saw the date when it was published :).


    • hehe 😛 thanks for liking this post and yay for us for achieving 100 followers. Its not much considering I have had it much longer than you but its good effort since I barely have time to blog because of uni! I usually like to post daily on my fb page. You should check it out 😛 Just search for Rania May Fashion Blog on facebook! x

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