Jennifer Lawrence- A role model and Style Icon!

Another celebrity to add to my ‘style icon’ list as well as the best ‘role model’ list 😛

Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant role model for many reasons:

  • She appears to be down to earth and herself during interviews and appearances
  • She exclaims that if anyone told her to go on a diet they can pretty much f*** off and she is not all about being thin to be beautiful
  • She is an incredible actress
  • and….she is absolutely gorgeous in every way imaginable!!!

So here is a collection of photos I thought best represents Jen’s true beauty, style and how she promotes such a healthy figure to other women around the world. I adore Jen Lawrence!!

jenniferlawrenceellefranceemmasummerton02 jennifer-lawrence-by-ben-hassett-for-harpers-bazaar-uk-november-2013 712289-1_l 712273-1_l 872844-1_l 872846-1_l

Rania May


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