Photos of the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2013!

Thanks to Vogue Australia, the official VS fb page and other fashionable websites, I have been able to view the photos from the Victoria’s Secret runway show! This show will be aired in early December for the rest of the world to watch (I think a bit later for us Aussies) so in the meantime here are some of my favourite looks (and angels) from the show. I still miss Miranda Kerr like crazy though! She was definitely one of my favourites 😛

vs1 907907-1_l 907953-1_l 907975-1_l 908067-1_l 907919-1_l 907987-1_l 908055-1_l 908037-1_l 907925-1_l 1459985_10152065881698156_577003784_n

Who is/were your favourite Victoria’s Secret angel? Is there any year in particular that was your favourite? My favourite I would have to say was in 2008! I just remember the music, the choice of styling and the beauty looks stood out for me the most that year. Will this years Victoria’s Secret outshine the one in 2008 which I deem to be the best VS? Lets see!

Rania May


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