Capitol Couture

Just stumbled across this gorgeous collection inspired by the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Never did I think my favourite movie and fashion would combine into this wonderful masterpiece called Capitol Couture.


Check out some of the screen shots from the movie and how it inspired the designer, Trish Summerville to create a high fashion collection reflecting the elements from the movies and influencing everyone to be ‘capital chic’ in these gorgeous garments!

1470360_803001173049869_1617647074_n 547698_728486937167960_1071805768_n 1476469_803000533049933_1699863593_n 75075_599450953404893_1254989081_n 424407_ou_sl 424408_ou_sl 424393_ou_sl  424406_ou_sl 424396_ou_sl capitolcouture_trishsummerville_1

What are your thoughts on this collection? To view the rest, check out net-a-porter! 🙂

Have you watched the movie or read the books? My gosh I was just amazed after watching the film! I reckon Catching fire was better than the first one and Jennifer Lawrence…wow…was remarkable…loved it! The second book was also my favourite in the series and the way I imagined it when reading it, was how it was shown in the film and you know its good when you get to watch your imagination come to life on the big screen!  Would definitely go watch it again soon!

Rania May


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