Vogue Australia Editorial: Sea Change

The 2014 issue of Vogue Australia emerged just in time for the much awaited hot summer days (finally!) after days of pouring rain and constant cool temperatures here in Melbourne. This issue provides an overview of what to expect for the new year and I couldn’t be more excited for the new year of fashion! This fashion editorial was perfect to kick-start the year and I could barely contain my excitement for the long summer days at the beach after viewing these images of this beautiful tanned model in this ‘Sea Change’ editorial.

These images were photographed by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia January issue.

Vogue_14_01-2 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-5 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-6 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-4 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-3 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-1 nicole-pollard-by-benny-horne-for-vogue-australia-january-2014-6

Rania May



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