Chanel Haute Couture S/S ’14 – Couture with a Twist.

Ok so the reason for my words, ‘Couture with a twist’ is to highlight my surprise to the combination of runners with gorgeous classic garments. I mean…who would have thought that a pair of runners could be paired so elegantly in a Chanel COUTURE  collection? The master and genius of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld inspires me so much and this collection is yet another one of his masterpieces…he is never afraid to take it to the next level and push boundaries with fashion and this couture collection is a brilliant example of how amazing he really is.

This collection (as always) remains classic and timeless using a delicate colour palette consisting of pastel pink, green and blue and of course black and white which is a signature colour combination in the french fashion house.

Courtsey of for these photos, I am sharing with you all my favourite looks that stood out for me the most and if there were particular looks that you also liked let me know! I love involving myself with other fashion lovers and a discussion about our favourite collection is a great way to spend my afternoon 😛

chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw3 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw5 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw6 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw10 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw12 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw15 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw16 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw22 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw29 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw48 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw62 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw50 chanel-haute-couture-spring-2014-pfw70

Rania May


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