Day 5 (final) of Fashion Drawing :)

Day 5, the final day of my fashion drawing short course, was so much fun! Pretty much everything we learnt over the 5 weeks was put to the challenge as our last class was about 3D drawing with a live model!

We were all pretty nervous but we were told that we have to draw the live model in fashion model proportions. We all thought we had to do a real life drawing of the model which had us nervous to the bones however over the weeks I practised lots on fashion model proportions so I was confident I will do ok for this class!

The live model had a total of 4 outfits and we had 20 minutes per outfit to draw the model as quickly as we could. We had to pay a lot of attention to the detailing of the clothes and we were also required to include colour in the clothing using colour pencils and markers.

I actually surprised myself with how quickly I could draw each outfit! It was a challenge but a lot of fun. The picture below is the final product of the 4 outfits I draw during my class.


The one of the far right was meant to be sort of on the side view but failed miserably hence why it looks really weird compared to the others 😛

Hope my viewers enjoyed my posts on my Fashion Drawing course! Did you learn about from my posts? Did you enjoy them? If so, send me a comment! Would love to hear your feedback 🙂

Rania May

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Day 4 Fashion Drawing

I would have to say that this has been my favourite class so far in my short course. Why? This was the class where we got to make our very own fashion templates so we can draw garments on the models!

Our homework before this class required us to search through as many fashion magazines as we could to try to find models posing (without too much clothing affect the shape of the models body) to use as our templates. I found this homework super fun as I got to flick through my fashion bibles 🙂 I brought in lots of pictures of models posing but there was one that was my favourite so I used that! (you can see the picture in the image below).

Remember the model I drew in my first week of class? Well to draw our templates, we followed the proportions from what we learnt on day one and utilized everything we learnt from then to produce a well drawn high fashion model. The only difference was incorporating the movement and posing of the model from our chosen picture. The first drawn model is from the picture I chose to replicate as a template, the others were from the other girls in which we all traded our art books and traced over each others templates to display a whole range of models rather than having just one pose.


As you can see, these were the templates I produced from class and I have decided to create a mock A/W collection using my templates for a fun activity to do over my uni holidays. I feel like I’m a designer doing this hehe, if only I could sew really well though!

❤ Rania May

P.S. Sorry its very hard to see! Once I put in frames through instagram the quality of the photo decreased dramatically. I’ll see if I can improve it and hopefully re-upload into this post. Thanks for reading 🙂

Day 3 Fashion Drawing :)

Day 3 of my fashion drawing class was a whole lot of fun and I finally got to learn about the different types of textiles which is very useful for a fashion lover like me!

To start the class, there were heaps and heaps of sample fabrics spread over the table and our Fashion drawing teacher gave us a run down on the different types of textiles. Did you know there are two main groups that textiles fall under? They are Woven and Knitwear. These can be further categorised by their composition such as the fibre. It may be natural or man-made. Learnt lots during this class and now I like to observe my clothing to see what they are made from!

In the next part of the class we chose materials that were of interest to us and materials that had lots of patterns and colours! We were required to cut a 10×10 piece of material, stick it in our art folios and draw that pattern as carefully and closely as possible. First you draw an outline with greylead then use colours. I chose to use water paints and it was so much fun to use!! Going to go buy myself some water-colour paints/pencils now!

In the photo below is the final piece that I did in class 🙂


The bottom right of this photo also shows the business card of my fashion drawing teachers fashion brand. View her fb here to see all of her gorgeous designs and garments.

Rania May

Day 2-Fashion Drawing

This week in class we focused on observational drawing as well as black and white tonal shading using a grid method. For our homework before this class we were required to find any black and white fashion photography in magazines and this homework was particularly fun for me as I got to flick through my favourite fashion magazines without the guilt of not doing homework for my psych degree and yes…homework for my drawing class was therapeutic for me compared to my stressful workload for psychology!

To start off, we had to divide our actual picture from a magazine into grids (3X3cm squares) and also divided our page in our visual diary into squares. We then began to slowly sketch an outline of our picture, closely following the proportions of the actual picture to our visual diaries. Once the outline was complete, we began to shade in our picture according to the lighting of the garment, the models complection and background. Very hard to explain in text but we used a special type of pencil strokes to shade in our picture.

This was my final result. Hope you guys like it!


Look out for next weeks post on Day 3.

Rania May

Day 1- Fashion drawing

Sorry guys for taking this long with this post! I had an exam on Wednesday for one of my units in my psychological degree and I was super stressed trying to study for that, but here it is! My first post on my first day of this exciting course!

Ok to start off, this course is located pretty much in the heart of Melbourne and it was a nice fresh morning as I was heading my way excitedly to class. In the class there are only us 5 girls and I reckon the less the better! Get to interact with each other and the teacher more which is great!

We introduced each other in the class about our intentions after graduating from this course and how we are involved in the fashion industry. It was really great listening to everyone’s goals for working in the fashion industry!

The drawing then begun! We were required to learn how to draw the human body. However not just any human body, but a fashion garment model body. I learnt that day that there is quite a difference between real life drawing and fashion model drawing. Fashion garment models are drawn with super tall slim legs, a teenie tiny waist, long neck and thin graceful aims, so pretty much the models we see strutting down the runway. The purpose in drawing models like this is to elongate the human body for the garment to sit and flow on the body. It’s hard to explain, but it is best seeing garments on long, tall bodies in order to really show off the clothes.

Below I have attached a photo of my attempt to draw a fashion model. It was a lot of fun and we were given certain skills and tricks to draw a model in the correct proportion like the one in the photo. Took me so long to do haha but very proud of what I drew for the first time.


Hope you like it what I drew! I’ll be sharing weekly experiences of my fashion drawing classes to give you all an insight in this world and hopefully influence you to do a fun short course like myself!

Rania May

Comment your opinions on what I learnt on my first day of drawing x