Miranda Kerr for The Edit

For the latest cover story of Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, Miranda Kerr looks sizzling as she poses as a motorcycle babe. Wind blown hair, leather jackets and denim has her looking the part for this editorial.

This shoot was photographed by the amazing Chris Colls who has photographed her many of times and the magic between the photographer and the model through a lens is evident as usual.

Check out Miranda’s latest photoshoot 🙂

miranda-kerr-bike-edit-photos1 miranda-kerr-bike-edit-photos2 miranda-kerr-bike-edit-photos3 miranda-kerr-bike-edit-photos4

Read the cover story interview on http://www.net-a-porter.com/magazine/251/1

Rania May


Happy Easter!!! :)

Happy Easter beautiful followers ❤

Easter has passed in Australia (although we are still on holidays), so I hope my Australian followers didn’t get too sick from eating too much chocolate bunnies 😛


Love you all. Thank you for supporting my blog and my deepest apologies for being so slack with my posts this month. I have been so busy with uni assignments and work, so I hope you understand and stick around! When time allows me, I’ll make sure to upload some more posts!

Rania May

Happy New Year!!

Thought I’d keep this post nice and simple and wish you all a happy new year!!

I actually can’t believe how fast 2013 went for me. I have had many fashionable moments including starting this blog and my facebook page as well as attending fashion shows, getting a job at a fashion boutique and even meeting one of my favourite fashion designers, Bettina Liano!

This year I aim to strive towards my goal and further myself in the fashion industry ❤

You followers are the ones who keep me going in fashion blogging. I greatly appreciate all those who follow me and take  time to read my blog posts. I may not be the best at writing but I am creative and knowledgeable when it comes to styling and understanding fashion. I hope you all enjoy my fashion related posts in the future!

Rania May

CovR Bags Christmas Special!

Christmas is only around the corner and if you’re stuck on ideas, why not purchase a gorgeous CovR clutch for you and a friend and receive 25% off when you buy 2 or more.

To receive this amazing offer make sure you use the discount code below

Xmas Promo 25 pc off 2nd CovR Bag v2


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Happy shopping and wishing you all a very merry christmas!

Rania May

T by Alexander Wang Pre Fall ’14 Look Book

Another stunning collection by Mr Wang! This is my kind of style in terms of the simplicity in colours and shape. This collection has a bit of a rough edge, sport luxe feel to it but also staying simple and minimal. I also love the idea of dual coloured bomber jackets. The concept of duality in fashion is fascinating to me!

Here are my favourite looks

talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-20143 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-20144 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-20145 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-20146 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201410 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201413 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201414 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201415 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201417 talexander-wang-look-book-pre-autumn-fall-201421


View the entire collection here on Fashionising.com 

Rania May

Special discount on the entire CovR collection!

Hey everyone!

Just giving you the heads up on a very special 25% discount on the entire range for the CovR bags during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend!

Use the code given in the photo below

Cyber Monday Discount Special banner

If you want to know more about the CovR Bags make sure to visit my previous blog post on ways that you can style your CovR bag and the different themes present in the CovR collection.

Happy Shopping UK and USA followers!

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The Newly Launched CovR Magazine Clutch Handbags

I would like to share with you all a new-found love I have for the CovR magazine clutches! As you all know I am obsessed with handbags as well as owning a never-ending collection of various high magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and FashionTrend. What I love about CovR is the fact that two my favourite things in the entire world has combined into this beautiful creation: a magazine cover clutch. Honestly…what more could I wish for? Love it!

CovRbags.com is the exclusive website for the newly launched CovR magazine clutches which are the latest collections of beautifully designed clutches with the effect of a wrap around magazine that looks incredible with any outfit.

Within each of these collections, a theme is presented to provide versatility and excitement for the Covr clutch.

This first cover is the ROYAL HORSE RIDING AND fIERCE FASHION EDITION! This clutch is a gorgeous statement piece for any outfit if you want to add a bit of ‘fierce[ness]’ that can be taken from day to night.


MONOCHROME WINTER WARMS AND FALL FASHION CLUTCH HANDBAG is the second cover shown. With monochrome being a hit seasonal trend, why not carry this elegant and sophisticated cover look around with you while dining with some friends? It is absolutely stunning!


The COUTURE EDIT- RED LUSCIOUS LIPS is a sultry and sexy cover clutch that will look amazing with your evening ensemble and screams out high fashion with a touch of rouge. This I would have to say is my favourite clutch in the collection 🙂


This last cover shown is the LEOPARD PRINT SIZZLING SUMMER SPECIAL! As summer is just around the corner for us Aussies, why not carry around this clutch that has a touch of animal instinct and a cover that is summery and gorgeous!



As I have gone through the various themes, why not see how to style it with the perfect outfit?

DSC_0804 v5

This versatile clutch looks gorgeous and effortless with a daytime dress and can be perfectly paired with a more casual day look.

1 v3

It can be the perfect addition to a cute, bright coloured dress as seen in the above photo! Who would have thought that holding what looks to be a rolled up magazine can add a touch of sophistication and excitement making your outfit even more beautiful? 🙂

purple v3 with site low res

The CovR clutch handbags are perfect for the evening as it is easy to carry and pulls together your evening outfit. I wouldn’t mind carrying this effortless piece on a night out!

I’ve also put together my own outfit ideas that will go well with your CovR clutch!



summer set

royal red

If you are interested in buying these gorgeous clutches or want a closer look at the collection, make sure you visit www.covrbags.com!

These bags are also shipped to Australia 🙂

Keep an eye out for a post in a few weeks on a very special christmas promotional offer!! An offer not to miss!

Rania May

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ModelCo Australia

I can not get enough of Rosie! She has the most incredible body, beautiful long locks and a pout to die for!

When I discovered that she was the new ambassador for ModelCo Australia, I was over the moon! They picked the most perfect model to represent such a great beauty brand!

See the stunning Rosie in the latest photoshoot for ModelCo! 🙂

rosie_modelco1 rosie_modelco3 rosie_modelco2

Rania May

December Issue of Vogue Australia

Look forward to reading my fashion bible once exams are over! This will definitely be a major treat for me after a stressful two weeks of hard work and study. I am looking forward to reading this because it’s the final issue of 2013 and what a year it has been in fashion world with many trends hitting my good books of styles I must portray on a day-to-day basis.


What are your thoughts on the current issue?

What has been your favourite issues of Vogue Australia as of 2013? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Rania May


Photos of the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2013!

Thanks to Vogue Australia, the official VS fb page and other fashionable websites, I have been able to view the photos from the Victoria’s Secret runway show! This show will be aired in early December for the rest of the world to watch (I think a bit later for us Aussies) so in the meantime here are some of my favourite looks (and angels) from the show. I still miss Miranda Kerr like crazy though! She was definitely one of my favourites 😛

vs1 907907-1_l 907953-1_l 907975-1_l 908067-1_l 907919-1_l 907987-1_l 908055-1_l 908037-1_l 907925-1_l 1459985_10152065881698156_577003784_n

Who is/were your favourite Victoria’s Secret angel? Is there any year in particular that was your favourite? My favourite I would have to say was in 2008! I just remember the music, the choice of styling and the beauty looks stood out for me the most that year. Will this years Victoria’s Secret outshine the one in 2008 which I deem to be the best VS? Lets see!

Rania May